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Want to learn more about SplashEd Swim School? Check out our FAQ, where we answer the most commonly asked questions about our programs, we’ve got you covered.

How long are swimming lessons?

Lessons are 30 minutes.

Do you provide a sibling discount?

Yes. We provide a 10% discount to term fees for any siblings that join us.

Can I buy swimming lessons as a gift?

Yes. Gift vouchers are available for swimming terms. Please Contact Us 

or speak to your teacher.

Do I need to get in the water with my child during lessons?

We provide adult & child lessons, child only lessons and adult only lessons. Parents/guardians are always in the pool for adult & child lessons. These 

are clearly labelled.

Are teachers in the water during lessons?

We prefer to teach in the pool rather than poolside. In Hall Cross deep end teachers will be poolside.

What is the teacher to child ratio?

In our child only classes there is 1 teacher per 6 children. In classes over

6 there will be 2 teachers and a maximum of 9 children in a class.

What do we need to bring to swimming lessons?

For adult lessons, you will only need to bring swim wear and a towel.

For child lessons, you will need to bring swim wear, a NeoNappy

(if your little one is not yet toilet trained) and a towel. We recommend you bring a changing mat to change baby on.

What do I wear for swimming lessons?

A swimming costume or trunks.

What does my child need to wear for swimming lessons?

If your child is confidently using the toilet, then a swimming costume or trunks. If your child is not yet toilet trained then we require a double nappy system - an under nappy (such as a bambino mio swim nappy) then a neoprene happy nappy over the top.Please try and avoid overly baggy


as these create 'Drag' in the water

How do I look after my NeoNappy?

To look after your NeoNappy and ensure the Lycra lasts as long as possible

it is important to care for it properly.

After use, hand rinse in cold water as soon as possible to remove chlorine.

If you need to wash the nappy (if it has been soiled) then wash at 30

degrees with a gentle detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Dry away from

a heat source in the shade. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

Your neoprene nappy should fit nice and snug, this is to prevent any

spillages from the thighs and waistband. You should be able to fit one

finger inside the thigh band and the waist band. If you are unsure, please

ask your teacher who will advise.

Accidents in the pool can, and do, cause pool closures and have cancelled lessons so please be vigilant. No-one knows babies cues better than their grown-ups. If you see signs that they are going to fill the nappy, please exit

the pool until you have changed your little one.

Can my child wear a swimming hat or goggles?

Yes. With goggles - For some nervous children allowing googles can make a world of difference, especially during beginning stages . During the later stages we perform some skills 

without googles for water safety skills.

Can we have a catch up lesson if we can't make one week?

Catch up lessons are given 'IF' we have an alternate time and space.

These can only be offered if there is space.

Is car parking available?

Yes. Our Aston pool is road side parking within school hours 

Can I bring a pram/car seat inside?

Unfortunately there is no room for prams / car seats inside the building due to space. Please leave these in your vehicle.

Are there drinks or snacks available?

No food will be allowed poolside.

Can we enrol mid-term?

Yes. Providing there is space available in the class. Check here for spaces

How do we pay for swimming lessons?

Lessons are paid by recurring card payment on the 1st of each month. The payment is £49.60 per month over 11 months. Any additional children will recieve a 10% discount. There is no payment in August as lessons run term time only. The monthly payments are calculated by taking the years lessons costs and certificate costs and divided by 11 months. The monthly

payment saves your place, it is not calculated by the lessons in a month.

Your first payment will be for 2 months, this is to cover your notice period

for when decide you've reached the end of your swimming journey. You will always

be 1 month ahead in payments. There is NO CONTRACT, you can leave

at any time and just need to give us at least 1 calendar month notice

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